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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected organization: Clemson University
Organization Active years

Number of head coaches 25
Total number of coaches 36
Average Tenure 4.22 years

Walter Riggs                                                                                                                
W.M. Williams                                                                                                                 
John Penton                                                                                                                 
John Heisman                                                                                                              
Shack Shealy                                                                                                                 
Eddie Cochems                                                                                                                 
Bob Williams                                                                                                             
Frank Shaughnessy                                                                                                                 
John Stone                                                                                                                 
Frank Dobson                                                                                                               
Wayne Hart                                                                                                                 
Edward Donahue                                                                                                              
E.J. Stewart                                                                                                                
Bud Saunders                                                                                                              
Josh Cody                                                                                                              
Jess Neely                                                                                                         
Frank Howard                                                                                    
Hootie Ingram                                                                                                               
Red Parker                                                                                                              
Charley Pell                                                                                                                
Danny Ford                                                                                                       
Ken Hatfield                                                                                                              
Tommy West                                                                                                            
Tommy Bowden                                                                                                        
Dabo Swinney                                                                                                                

John Allaire 1993-1995
Richard Bisaccia 1994-1998
Tommy Bowden 1999-2008
Clyde Christensen 1994-1995
Eddie Cochems 1905
Josh Cody 1927-1930
Frank Dobson 1910-1912
Edward Donahue 1917-1920
Danny Ford 1979-1989
Wayne Hart 1916
Ken Hatfield 1990-1993
Sean Hayes 2004-2005
John Heisman 1900-1903
Reggie Herring 1994-2001
Frank Howard 1940-1969
Jeff Hurd 1986-1987
Hootie Ingram 1970-1972
Billy Napier 2009
Jess Neely 1931-1939
Red Parker 1973-1976
Charley Pell 1977-1978
John Penton 1898
Walter Riggs 1896-1899
Rich Rodriguez 1999-2000
Bud Saunders 1923-1926
Frank Shaughnessy 1907
Shack Shealy 1904
Jerry Simmons 1980
Danny Smith 1979
Kevin Steele 2009
E.J. Stewart 1921-1922
John Stone 1908
Dabo Swinney 2008-2009
Tommy West 1982-1989, 1993-1998
W.M. Williams 1897
Bob Williams 1906-1909, 1913-1915