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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected organization: Iowa State University
Organization Active years

Number of head coaches 20
Total number of coaches 192
Average Tenure 3.43 years

Norman Paine                                                                                                
Maury Kent                                                                                                
Sam Willaman                                                                                             
Noel Workman                                                                                            
George Veenker                                                                                           
James Yeager                                                                                             
Ray Donels                                                                                                
A. M. Michalske                                                                                            
Emmett Stuber                                                                                          
Vince DiFrancesca                                                                                              
Jim Myers                                                                                                
Clay Stapleton                                                                                       
Johnny Majors                                                                                            
Earle Bruce                                                                                           
Donnie Duncan                                                                                             
Jim Criner                                                                                             
Jim Walden                                                                                         
Dan McCarney                                                                                     
Gene Chizik                                                                                               
Paul Rhoads                                                                                          
Matt Campbell                                                                                                

Earle Bruce Head Coach
Tom Backhaus
Tom Harper
Randy Hart
John Wiley
Tom Vaughn
Bob Tucker
Keith Kephart
Tom Lichtenberg
Charlie Lyle
Glen Mason