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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Todd Grantham

Michigan State University           
Indianapolis Colts           
Houston Texans           
Cleveland Browns           
Dallas Cowboys            

Coached With:
Bruce Arians -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dave Atkins -- (Cleveland Browns)
Charlie Baggett -- (Michigan State University)
Jim Bollman -- (Michigan State University)
Kippy Brown -- (Houston Texans)
Dave Campo -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dom Capers -- (Houston Texans)
Maurice Carthon -- (Cleveland Browns)
George Catavolos -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Wes Chandler -- (Cleveland Browns)
Rob Chudzinski -- (Cleveland Browns)
Ben Coates -- (Cleveland Browns)
Greg Colby -- (Michigan State University)
Chris Cosh -- (Michigan State University)
Romeo Crennel -- (Cleveland Browns)
Mike Cummings -- (Michigan State University)
Brian Daboll -- (Michigan State University)
Ted Daisher -- (Cleveland Browns)
Mark Dantonio -- (Michigan State University)
Jeff Davidson -- (Cleveland Browns)
Joe Decamillis -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Alan Degennaro -- (Cleveland Browns)
Vic Fangio -- (Houston Texans)
Vic Fangio -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jedd Fisch -- (Houston Texans)
Jason Garrett -- (Dallas Cowboys)
John Garrett -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Mike Haluchak -- (Cleveland Browns)
Chick Harris -- (Houston Texans)
Reggie Herring -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Reggie Herring -- (Houston Texans)
Jon Hoke -- (Houston Texans)
Hudson Houck -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Richard Howell -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Gene Huey -- (Indianapolis Colts)
John Hufnagel -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Carl Crennel Ii -- (Cleveland Browns)
Joe Juraszek -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Umberto Leone -- (Cleveland Browns)
John Lott -- (Cleveland Browns)
Anthony Lynn -- (Cleveland Browns)
Marwan Maalouf -- (Cleveland Browns)
Joe Marciano -- (Houston Texans)
Tony Marciano -- (Houston Texans)
Tony Marciano -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Steve Marshall -- (Cleveland Browns)
Steve Marshall -- (Houston Texans)
Brett Maxie -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Randy Melvin -- (Cleveland Browns)
Tom Moore -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jim Mora -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Howard Mudd -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Mike Murphy -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Tom Myslinski -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dat Nguyen -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Jay Norvell -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Tony Oden -- (Houston Texans)
Tom Olivadotti -- (Houston Texans)
John Pagano -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Chris Palmer -- (Houston Texans)
Chris Palmer, -- (Houston Texans)
Dean Pees -- (Michigan State University)
Skip Peete -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Joe Pendry -- (Houston Texans)
Wade Phillips -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Wes Phillips -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Bruce Read -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dan Riley -- (Houston Texans)
Alfredo Roberts -- (Cleveland Browns)
Terry Robiskie -- (Cleveland Browns)
Greg Roman -- (Houston Texans)
Jerry Rosburg -- (Cleveland Browns)
Golden Pat Ruel -- (Michigan State University)
Nick Saban -- (Michigan State University)
Rip Scherer -- (Cleveland Browns)
Bill Sheridan -- (Michigan State University)
Ray Sherman -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Pat Shurmur -- (Michigan State University)
Kevin Spencer -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Brian Stewart -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Brian Stewart -- (Houston Texans)
Mike Sullivan -- (Cleveland Browns)
Eric Sutulovich -- (Houston Texans)
Jon Torine -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Gary Tranquill -- (Michigan State University)
Bob Trott -- (Cleveland Browns)
Mel Tucker -- (Cleveland Browns)
Mel Tucker -- (Michigan State University)
Jeff Uhlenhake -- (Cleveland Browns)
Cory Undlin -- (Cleveland Browns)
Frank Verducci -- (Cleveland Browns)
Bobby Williams -- (Michigan State University)
Wade Wilson -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Ray Wright -- (Houston Texans)