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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Charlie Baggett

Bowling Green State University                              
Michigan State University                    
Houston Oilers                                
Tennessee Titans                                
Green Bay Packers                                 
Minnesota Vikings                             
Miami Dolphins                                
St. Louis Rams                                

2010 St. Louis Rams
2009 St. Louis Rams
2006 Miami Dolphins Ass?T Head Coach/Offense/Wrs
2005 Miami Dolphins Ass?T Head Coach/Offense/Wrs
2004 Minnesota Vikings
2003 Minnesota Vikings
2002 Minnesota Vikings
2001 Minnesota Vikings
2000 Minnesota Vikings
1999 Green Bay Packers Wide Receivers
1998 Michigan State University
1997 Michigan State University
1996 Michigan State University
1995 Michigan State University
1994 Houston Oilers
1994 Tennessee Titans
1993 Houston Oilers
1993 Tennessee Titans
1992 Michigan State University
1991 Michigan State University
1990 Michigan State University
1989 Michigan State University
1988 Michigan State University
1987 Michigan State University
1986 Michigan State University
1985 Michigan State University
1984 Michigan State University
1983 Michigan State University
1980 Bowling Green State University
1979 Bowling Green State University
1978 Bowling Green State University
1977 Bowling Green State University
Coached With:
Fred Von Appen -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Keith Armstrong -- (Miami Dolphins)
Adam Bailet -- (St. Louis Rams)
Brian Baker -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Steve Beckholt -- (Michigan State University)
Larry Beightol -- (Green Bay Packers)
Pete Bercich -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Tom Bettis -- (Tennessee Titans)
Larry Bielat -- (Michigan State University)
Jim Bollman -- (Michigan State University)
Frank Bush -- (Tennessee Titans)
Dom Capers -- (Miami Dolphins)
Greg Colby -- (Michigan State University)
James Coley -- (Miami Dolphins)
Chris Cosh -- (Michigan State University)
Ted Cotttrell -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Dick Coury -- (Tennessee Titans)
Dameyune Craig -- (Miami Dolphins)
Nolan Cromwell -- (St. Louis Rams)
Sylvester Croom -- (St. Louis Rams)
Mike Cummings -- (Michigan State University)
Richard Curl -- (St. Louis Rams)
Dick Curl -- (St. Louis Rams)
Andre Curtis -- (St. Louis Rams)
Brian Daboll -- (Michigan State University)
Dean Dalton -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Brendan Daly -- (St. Louis Rams)
Mark Dantonio -- (Michigan State University)
Tim Davis -- (Miami Dolphins)
Billy Davis -- (Michigan State University)
Bo Davis -- (Miami Dolphins)
Derek Dooley -- (Miami Dolphins)
Todd Downing -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Irv Eatman -- (Green Bay Packers)
George Edwards -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mark Ellis -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Chuck Faucette -- (St. Louis Rams)
Eric Fears -- (Miami Dolphins)
Paul Ferraro -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jeff Fisher -- (Tennessee Titans)
Ken Flajole -- (St. Louis Rams)
Anthony Folino -- (Michigan State University)
John Fontes -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Steve Furness -- (Michigan State University)
John Gamble -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jason Garrett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Judd Garrett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Kevin Gilbride -- (Houston Oilers)
Kevin Gilbride -- (Tennessee Titans)
Todd Grantham -- (Michigan State University)
Dennis Green -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Rock Gullickson -- (St. Louis Rams)
Ted Guthard -- (Michigan State University)
Randy Hanson -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Carl Hargrave -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Jay Hayes -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Bert Hill -- (Miami Dolphins)
Johnny Holland -- (Green Bay Packers)
Hudson Houck -- (Miami Dolphins)
Matt House -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jeff Jagodzinski -- (Green Bay Packers)
Travis Jones -- (Miami Dolphins)
Ronnie Jones -- (Tennessee Titans)
Chuck Knox Jr. -- (Green Bay Packers)
Chuck Knox Jr. -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Daryl Lawrence -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Frank Leonard -- (St. Louis Rams)
Sherman Lewis -- (Green Bay Packers)
Sherman Lewis -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Scott Linehan -- (Miami Dolphins)
Scott Linehan -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Steve Loney -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Steve Loney -- (St. Louis Rams)
Clayton Lopez -- (St. Louis Rams)
Mark Lovat -- (Green Bay Packers)
Mike Mccarthy -- (Green Bay Packers)
Josh Mcdaniels -- (St. Louis Rams)
Tom Mcmahon -- (St. Louis Rams)
Pat Morris -- (Michigan State University)
Mike Mularkey -- (Miami Dolphins)
Will Muschamp -- (Miami Dolphins)
Frank Novak -- (Tennessee Titans)
Carl Nystrom -- (Michigan State University)
Scott O'brien -- (Miami Dolphins)
George O'Leary -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Greg Olson -- (St. Louis Rams)
Steve Ortmayer -- (Green Bay Packers)
Jim Panagos -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Lou Paolillo -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jack Pardee -- (Tennessee Titans)
Norm Parker -- (Michigan State University)
Dean Pees -- (Michigan State University)
George Perles -- (Michigan State University)
Mel Phillips -- (Miami Dolphins)
Glenn Pires -- (Miami Dolphins)
Glenn Pires -- (Michigan State University)
Dan Quinn -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bill Rademacher -- (Michigan State University)
Ray Rhodes -- (Green Bay Packers)
Kevin Ross -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Barry Rubin -- (Green Bay Packers)
Golden Pat Ruel -- (Michigan State University)
Buddy Ryan -- (Tennessee Titans)
Nick Saban -- (Miami Dolphins)
Nick Saban -- (Michigan State University)
Willie Shaw -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Bill Sheridan -- (Michigan State University)
Kurt Shultz -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Kurtis Shultz -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Pat Shurmur -- (Michigan State University)
Pat Shurmur -- (St. Louis Rams)
Kirby Smart -- (Miami Dolphins)
Richard Smith -- (Miami Dolphins)
Richard Solomon -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Steve Spagnuolo -- (St. Louis Rams)
Frank Bush Sr. -- (Houston Oilers)
Jim Stanley -- (Tennessee Titans)
Andy Sugarman -- (St. Louis Rams)
Derius Swinton -- (St. Louis Rams)
Harry Sydney -- (Green Bay Packers)
Emmitt Thomas -- (Green Bay Packers)
Emmitt Thomas -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Mike Tice -- (Minnesota Vikings)
John Tice -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Rusty Tillman -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Gary Tranquill -- (Michigan State University)
Mike Trgovac -- (Green Bay Packers)
Mel Tucker -- (Michigan State University)
Art Valero -- (St. Louis Rams)
Joe Vitt -- (Green Bay Packers)
Kip Waddell -- (Michigan State University)
Trent Walters -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Lionel Washington -- (Green Bay Packers)
Steve Watterson -- (Tennessee Titans)
Morris Watts -- (Michigan State University)
Steve Wetzel -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Bobby Williams -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bobby Williams -- (Michigan State University)
Gregg Williams -- (Tennessee Titans)
Alex Wood -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Bob Young -- (Tennessee Titans)
Ken Zampese -- (Green Bay Packers)
Ed Zaunbrecher -- (Michigan State University)
Gary Zauner -- (Minnesota Vikings)