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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Tom Batta

University of Colorado                        
University of Kansas                         
Minnesota Vikings                   
Indianapolis Colts                         
San Francisco 49ers                         

Coached With:
Mike Ackerley -- (University of Kansas)
Jerry Attaway -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Michael Barnes -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Joe Barry -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Maxie Baughan -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Chris Beake -- (San Francisco 49ers)
George Belu -- (University of Colorado)
Raymond Berry -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Brian Billick -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Bud Bjornaraa -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Greg Blache -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ron Blackledge -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dwaine Board -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Chuck Bresnahan -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dean Brittenham -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Greg Brown -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Jerry Brown -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Fred Bruney -- (Indianapolis Colts)
John Brunner -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Jerry Burns -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Jack Burns -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Pete Carroll -- (Minnesota Vikings)
George Catavolos -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Mike Clark -- (University of Kansas)
Ron Corradini -- (University of Colorado)
Bob Cortese -- (University of Colorado)
Charles Davis -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bruce DeHaven -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Bruce DeHaven -- (University of Kansas)
Larry Donovan -- (University of Kansas)
Rollie Dotsch -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Tony Dungy -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Gary Durchik -- (University of Colorado)
Don Fambrough -- (University of Kansas)
Ross Fichtner -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Chris Foerster -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Wayne Geis -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bud Grant -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Dennis Green -- (Minnesota Vikings)
John Hadl -- (University of Kansas)
Bob Hollway -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Gene Huey -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Lindy Infante -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jim Johnson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Terrell Jones -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Floyd Keith -- (University of Colorado)
Monte Kiffin -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Larry Kirksey -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Greg Knapp -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Hank Kuhlmann -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bob Leahy -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Bill Mallory -- (University of Colorado)
Ted Marchibroda -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Steve Mariucci -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Brett Maxie -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Bobb Mckittrick -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Don McLeary -- (University of Kansas)
Buster Mertes -- (Minnesota Vikings)
John Michels -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Tom Moore -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Jim Mora -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Marty Mornhinweg -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Pat Morris -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Nick Nicolau -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Greg Olson -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Floyd Peters -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Don Pile -- (University of Kansas)
Dick Purdy -- (University of Kansas)
Dan Quinn -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Rich Rachel -- (University of Kansas)
Dan Radakovich -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Tom Rathman -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Floyd Reese -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Dick Rehbein -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Bob Reubin -- (University of Colorado)
Jay Robertson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jimmy Robinson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bob Schnelker -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Willie Shaw -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Dan Shonka -- (University of Kansas)
Chris Smeland -- (University of Colorado)
Richard Smith -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Richard Solomon -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Dan Stavely -- (University of Colorado)
Les Steckel -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Les Steckel -- (University of Colorado)
Kent Stephenson -- (University of Kansas)
George Stewart -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Andy Sugarman -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Mike Sweatman -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Mike Sweatman -- (University of Kansas)
Jason Tarver -- (San Francisco 49ers)
John Teerlinck -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Pat Thomas -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Vince Tobin -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ted Tollner -- (San Francisco 49ers)
Marc Trestman -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Mark Trestman -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Milan Vooletich -- (University of Colorado)
Dwight Wallace -- (University of Colorado)
Morris Watts -- (University of Kansas)
Steve Wetzel -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Paul Wiggin -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Ivy Williams -- (University of Kansas)
Tyrone Willingham -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Mike Wolf -- (Minnesota Vikings)
Tom Zupancic -- (Indianapolis Colts)