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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Chuck Weber

New England Patriots              
Cincinnati Bengals            
Arizona Cardinals                
Cleveland Browns                
Indianapolis Colts                

Coached With:
Dave Adolph -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dick Bielski -- (Indianapolis Colts)
George Boutselis -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bob Boyd -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Howard Brinker -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Dan Brooks -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Paul Brown -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Buck Buchanan -- (Cleveland Browns)
Don Coryell -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Vince Costello -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Jim Curzi -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Jack Donaldson -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Jim Garrett -- (Cleveland Browns)
Joe Gibbs -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Harry Gilmer -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Jim Hanifan -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Mike Holovak -- (New England Patriots)
Rod Humenuik -- (Cleveland Browns)
John Idzik -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bill Johnson -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Ed Khayat -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Rich Kotite -- (Cleveland Browns)
Rommie Loudd -- (New England Patriots)
Dick Macpherson -- (Cleveland Browns)
Mike Mccormack -- (Indianapolis Colts)
John Petercuskie -- (Cleveland Browns)
Clyde Powers -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jesse Richardson -- (New England Patriots)
Sam Rutigliano -- (Cleveland Browns)
Jim Shofner -- (Cleveland Browns)
Art Spinney -- (New England Patriots)
Chuck Studley -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
John Symank -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Carl Taseff -- (New England Patriots)
Joe Vitt -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bill Walsh -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Ray Wietecha -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ray Willsey -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Kim Wood -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Willie Zapalac -- (Arizona Cardinals)