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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Keith Armstrong

Atlanta Falcons           
Chicago Bears               
Miami Dolphins            

Coached With:
Charlie Baggett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jim Bates -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jim Bates -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jonas Beauchemin -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Vance Bedford -- (Chicago Bears)
Greg Blache -- (Chicago Bears)
Doug Blevins -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jim Bollman -- (Chicago Bears)
Mike Borich -- (Chicago Bears)
Paul Boudreau -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bob Bratkowski -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Joe Brodsky -- (Chicago Bears)
Clarence Brooks -- (Chicago Bears)
Clarence Brooks -- (Miami Dolphins)
Gerald Brown -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Chuck Bullough -- (Chicago Bears)
Cam Cameron -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dom Capers -- (Miami Dolphins)
Matt Cavanaugh -- (Chicago Bears)
James Coley -- (Miami Dolphins)
Joel Collier -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mark Collins -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dameyune Craig -- (Miami Dolphins)
Gary Crowton -- (Chicago Bears)
Joe Danna -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Tim Davis -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mouse Davis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bo Davis -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jeff Dellenbach -- (Miami Dolphins)
Derek Dooley -- (Miami Dolphins)
Michael Dumas -- (Miami Dolphins)
Paul Dunn -- (Atlanta Falcons)
George Edwards -- (Miami Dolphins)
Eric Fears -- (Miami Dolphins)
Ivan Fears -- (Chicago Bears)
Jeff Fish -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Chris Foerster -- (Miami Dolphins)
Robert Ford -- (Miami Dolphins)
Chan Gailey -- (Miami Dolphins)
John Gamble -- (Miami Dolphins)
Frank Gansz -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jason Garrett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Judd Garrett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Joe Haering -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ray Hamilton -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bert Hill -- (Miami Dolphins)
Pat Hill -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Steve Hoffman -- (Miami Dolphins)
Hudson Houck -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bill Hughan -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bobby Jackson -- (Miami Dolphins)
Milt Jackson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dick Jauron -- (Chicago Bears)
June Jones -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Travis Jones -- (Miami Dolphins)
Pat Jones -- (Miami Dolphins)
Tim Jorgensen -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dirk Koetter -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bill Kollar -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bill Lewis -- (Miami Dolphins)
Tim Lewis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Will Lewis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dale Lindsey -- (Chicago Bears)
Scott Linehan -- (Miami Dolphins)
Carlos Mainord -- (Chicago Bears)
Tim Marcum -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Marvin Marshall -- (Miami Dolphins)
Brett Maxie -- (Miami Dolphins)
Tom Mcmahon -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Earle Mosley -- (Chicago Bears)
Mike Mularkey -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Mike Mularkey -- (Miami Dolphins)
Will Muschamp -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bill Musgrave -- (Atlanta Falcons)
A.J. Neibels -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Mike Nolan -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Rex Norris -- (Chicago Bears)
Robert Nunn -- (Miami Dolphins)
Scott O'brien -- (Miami Dolphins)
Brad Ohrt -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bob Palcic -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bernie Parmalee -- (Miami Dolphins)
Willie Peete -- (Chicago Bears)
Mel Phillips -- (Miami Dolphins)
Glenn Pires -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Glenn Pires -- (Miami Dolphins)
Doug Plank -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ted Plumb -- (Chicago Bears)
Dan Quinn -- (Miami Dolphins)
Diron Reynolds -- (Miami Dolphins)
Alvin Reynolds -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ron Rivera -- (Chicago Bears)
Terry Robiskie -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Terry Robiskie -- (Miami Dolphins)
Brad Roll -- (Miami Dolphins)
Tom Rossley -- (Chicago Bears)
Rod Rust -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Nick Saban -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bob Sanders -- (Miami Dolphins)
Chris Scelfo -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Greg Schiano -- (Chicago Bears)
Matt Schiotz -- (Miami Dolphins)
Terry Shea -- (Miami Dolphins)
John Shoop -- (Chicago Bears)
Mike Shula -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bob Slowik -- (Chicago Bears)
Kirby Smart -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mike Smith -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Richard Smith -- (Miami Dolphins)
Craig Ver Steeg -- (Chicago Bears)
Eric Studesville -- (Chicago Bears)
Jerry Sullivan -- (Miami Dolphins)
Eric Sutulovich -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Emmitt Thomas -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Glenn Thomas -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Marc Trestman -- (Miami Dolphins)
Mark Trestman -- (Miami Dolphins)
Norv Turner -- (Miami Dolphins)
Brian Vangorder -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Chad Walker -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dave Wannstedt -- (Chicago Bears)
Dave Wannstedt -- (Miami Dolphins)
Andrew Weidinger -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bob Wiley -- (Chicago Bears)
Bobby Williams -- (Miami Dolphins)
Ollie Wilson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Tony Wise -- (Chicago Bears)
Tony Wise -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bob Wylie -- (Chicago Bears)