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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Bert Hill

Detroit Lions      
Miami Dolphins               

Coached With:
Keith Armstrong -- (Miami Dolphins)
Charlie Baggett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Brian Baker -- (Detroit Lions)
Raymond Berry -- (Detroit Lions)
Paul Boudreau -- (Detroit Lions)
Henry Bullough -- (Detroit Lions)
Dom Capers -- (Miami Dolphins)
Don Clemons -- (Detroit Lions)
James Coley -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dameyune Craig -- (Miami Dolphins)
Sylvester Croom -- (Detroit Lions)
Tim Davis -- (Miami Dolphins)
Darrell "Mouse" Davis -- (Detroit Lions)
Bo Davis -- (Miami Dolphins)
Derek Dooley -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jim Eddy -- (Detroit Lions)
George Edwards -- (Miami Dolphins)
Frank Falks -- (Detroit Lions)
Eric Fears -- (Miami Dolphins)
John Fontes -- (Detroit Lions)
Wayne Fontes -- (Detroit Lions)
Len Fontes -- (Detroit Lions)
Mo Forte -- (Detroit Lions)
John Gamble -- (Miami Dolphins)
Frank Gansz -- (Detroit Lions)
Jason Garrett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Judd Garrett -- (Miami Dolphins)
Rob Graf -- (Detroit Lions)
Dan Henning -- (Detroit Lions)
Jack Henry -- (Detroit Lions)
Hudson Houck -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dave Jaumotte -- (Detroit Lions)
June Jones -- (Detroit Lions)
Travis Jones -- (Miami Dolphins)
Steve Kazor -- (Detroit Lions)
Stan Kwan -- (Detroit Lions)
Greg Landry -- (Detroit Lions)
Lamar Leachman -- (Detroit Lions)
Dave Levy -- (Detroit Lions)
Scott Linehan -- (Miami Dolphins)
Billie Matthews -- (Detroit Lions)
John Misciagna -- (Detroit Lions)
Gary Moeller -- (Detroit Lions)
Tom Moore -- (Detroit Lions)
Mike Mularkey -- (Miami Dolphins)
Dennis Murphy -- (Detroit Lions)
Will Muschamp -- (Miami Dolphins)
Frank Novak -- (Detroit Lions)
Scott O'brien -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bob Palcic -- (Detroit Lions)
Herb Paterra -- (Detroit Lions)
Larry Peccatiello -- (Detroit Lions)
Mel Phillips -- (Miami Dolphins)
Glenn Pires -- (Miami Dolphins)
Chuck Priefer -- (Detroit Lions)
Dan Quinn -- (Miami Dolphins)
Bobby Ross -- (Detroit Lions)
Golden Pat Ruel -- (Detroit Lions)
Nick Saban -- (Miami Dolphins)
Charlie Sanders -- (Detroit Lions)
Dick Selcer -- (Detroit Lions)
Kirby Smart -- (Miami Dolphins)
Danny Smith -- (Detroit Lions)
Richard Smith -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jerry Sullivan -- (Detroit Lions)
John Teerlinck -- (Detroit Lions)
Howard Tippett -- (Detroit Lions)
Marc Trestman -- (Detroit Lions)
Mark Trestman -- (Detroit Lions)
Jerry Wampfler -- (Detroit Lions)
Woody Widenhofer -- (Detroit Lions)
Bobby Williams -- (Miami Dolphins)
Jim Zorn -- (Detroit Lions)