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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Ollie Wilson

Atlanta Falcons       
San Diego Chargers            

Coached With:
Dennis Allen -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Sal Alosi -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bobby April -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Keith Armstrong -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Clancy Barone -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Clancy Barone -- (San Diego Chargers)
Marvin Bass -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jim Bates -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Chris Beake -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jack Burns -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Tom Cable -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jimmy Carr -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Geep Chryst -- (San Diego Chargers)
Rob Chudzinski -- (San Diego Chargers)
Rocky Colburn -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Steve Crosby -- (San Diego Chargers)
Chris Dalman -- (Atlanta Falcons)
James Daniel -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Billy Davis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Mouse Davis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Joe Decamillis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
George Deleone -- (San Diego Chargers)
Ed Donatell -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jonathan Gannon -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Frank Gansz -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Alex Gibbs -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Kevin Gilbride -- (San Diego Chargers)
Jerry Glanville -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Joe Haering -- (Atlanta Falcons)
John Hastings -- (San Diego Chargers)
Steve Hoffman -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Hal Hunter -- (San Diego Chargers)
Jeff Hurd -- (San Diego Chargers)
Hue Jackson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Milt Jackson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jeff Jagodzinski -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bill Johnson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Don Johnson -- (San Diego Chargers)
Mike Johnson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Mike Johnson -- (San Diego Chargers)
Billy Johnson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Charlie Joiner -- (San Diego Chargers)
June Jones -- (Atlanta Falcons)
June Jones -- (San Diego Chargers)
Tim Jorgensen -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Joe Whitt Jr. -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Thom Kaumeyer -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Greg Knapp -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bill Kollar -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bill Lazor -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Will Lewis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Joe Lombardi -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Pete Mangurian -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Tim Marcum -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Evan Marcus -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Brett Maxie -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Tom Mcmahon -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Al Miller -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jim L. Mora -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bill Musgrave -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Derrick Nix -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Wayne Nunnely -- (San Diego Chargers)
John Pagano -- (San Diego Chargers)
Bob Palcic -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Rod Perry -- (San Diego Chargers)
Paul Petrino -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bobby Petrino -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Wade Phillips -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Robert Prince -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dave Puloka -- (Atlanta Falcons)
John Ramsdell -- (San Diego Chargers)
Dan Reeves -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Mike Riley -- (San Diego Chargers)
Ron Rivera -- (San Diego Chargers)
Jimmy Robinson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jerry Rosburg -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Keith Rowen -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Rod Rust -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Clarence Shelmon -- (San Diego Chargers)
Mike Sheppard -- (San Diego Chargers)
Doug Shively -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Rennie Simmons -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Vernon Stephens -- (San Diego Chargers)
George Stewart -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Andy Sugarman -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Mike Sullivan -- (San Diego Chargers)
Mike Summers -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Emmitt Thomas -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Norv Turner -- (San Diego Chargers)
Brian Vangorder -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ed West -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Steven Wilks -- (San Diego Chargers)
Greg Williams -- (San Diego Chargers)
Kevin Wolthausen -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Mike Zimmer -- (Atlanta Falcons)