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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: John Dunn

Pennsylvania State University                                
Washington Redskins                            
Oakland Raiders                              
San Diego Chargers                          
New York Giants                          
Baltimore Ravens                             

Coached With:
Dave Adolph -- (Oakland Raiders)
Roy Anderson -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Teryl Austin -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Brian Baker -- (San Diego Chargers)
Fred Biletnikoff -- (Oakland Raiders)
Sam Boghosian -- (Oakland Raiders)
Dave Brazil -- (New York Giants)
Clarence Brooks -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jason Brooks -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Willie Brown -- (Oakland Raiders)
Cam Cameron -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Mark Carrier -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Sylvester Croom -- (San Diego Chargers)
Bobby Crumpler -- (Washington Redskins)
Gunther Cunningham -- (San Diego Chargers)
Rod Dowhower -- (New York Giants)
Larry Mac Duff -- (New York Giants)
Vic Fangio -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jim Fassel -- (New York Giants)
Tom Flores -- (Oakland Raiders)
John Fox -- (New York Giants)
John Fox -- (San Diego Chargers)
Alex Gibbs -- (Oakland Raiders)
Alex Gibbs -- (San Diego Chargers)
Joe Gibbs -- (Washington Redskins)
Mike Gillhamer -- (New York Giants)
Sam Gruneisen -- (Oakland Raiders)
Mike Haluchak -- (New York Giants)
Mike Haluchak -- (San Diego Chargers)
John Harbaugh -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Wade Harman -- (Baltimore Ravens)
John Hastings -- (San Diego Chargers)
John Hastings -- (Washington Redskins)
Dan Henning -- (San Diego Chargers)
Stan Hixon -- (Washington Redskins)
Jim Hostler -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Hue Jackson -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Steve Jackson -- (Washington Redskins)
Milt Jackson -- (New York Giants)
Charlie Joiner -- (San Diego Chargers)
Larry Kennan -- (Oakland Raiders)
Stan Kwan -- (San Diego Chargers)
Bill Lazor -- (Washington Redskins)
Earl Leggett -- (Oakland Raiders)
Johnnie Lynn -- (New York Giants)
Marwan Maalouf -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Denny Marcin -- (New York Giants)
Robert Massey -- (New York Giants)
John Matsko -- (Baltimore Ravens)
John Matsko -- (New York Giants)
Greg Mattison -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jim Mcnally -- (New York Giants)
Bob Mischak -- (Oakland Raiders)
Andy Moeller -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Ted Monachino -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Wilbert Montgomery -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Chip Morton -- (San Diego Chargers)
Nick Nicolau -- (Oakland Raiders)
Kevin O'dea -- (San Diego Chargers)
Kirk Olivadotti -- (Washington Redskins)
Tom Olivadotti -- (New York Giants)
Chuck Pagano -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Joe Paterno -- (Pennsylvania State University)
Sean Payton -- (New York Giants)
Dean Pees -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Mike Pettine -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Michael Pope -- (New York Giants)
Mike Priefer -- (New York Giants)
Bruce Read -- (New York Giants)
Dick Rehbein -- (New York Giants)
Jay Robertson -- (New York Giants)
Jimmy Robinson -- (New York Giants)
Terry Robiskie -- (Oakland Raiders)
Pete Rodriguez -- (Oakland Raiders)
Bob Rogucki -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jerry Rosburg -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Bobby Ross -- (San Diego Chargers)
Rod Rust -- (New York Giants)
Rex Ryan -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Al Saunders -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Joe Scannella -- (Oakland Raiders)
Turk Schonert -- (New York Giants)
Mike Shanahan -- (Oakland Raiders)
Art Shell -- (Oakland Raiders)
Jim Skipper -- (New York Giants)
Danny Smith -- (Washington Redskins)
Jack Stanton -- (Oakland Raiders)
Craig Ver Steeg -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Craig Stoddard -- (New York Giants)
Eric Studesville -- (New York Giants)
Jerry Sullivan -- (San Diego Chargers)
Charles Sumner -- (Oakland Raiders)
Dennis Thurman -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Ted Tollner -- (San Diego Chargers)
Bill Urbanik -- (Oakland Raiders)
Craig Versteeg -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Fred Vonappen -- (New York Giants)
Dewayne Walker -- (New York Giants)
Tom Walsh -- (Oakland Raiders)
Jimmy Warren -- (Oakland Raiders)
Todd Washington -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Matt Weiss -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Gregg Williams -- (Washington Redskins)
Ray Willsey -- (Oakland Raiders)
Jim Zorn -- (Baltimore Ravens)