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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: George Wilson

Chicago Bears                     
Detroit Lions       
Miami Dolphins                   

Coached With:
Heartley "Hunk" Anderson -- (Chicago Bears)
Les Bingaman -- (Detroit Lions)
Les Bingaman -- (Miami Dolphins)
Earl Brown -- (Detroit Lions)
Paul Christman -- (Detroit Lions)
Red Cochran -- (Detroit Lions)
Don Doll -- (Detroit Lions)
Bob Dove -- (Detroit Lions)
Paddy Driscoll -- (Chicago Bears)
Aldo Forte -- (Detroit Lions)
Sonny Grandelius -- (Detroit Lions)
George Halas -- (Chicago Bears)
Ernie Hefferle -- (Miami Dolphins)
John Idzik -- (Miami Dolphins)
Luke Johnsos -- (Chicago Bears)
Tom Keane -- (Miami Dolphins)
Scooter Mclean -- (Detroit Lions)
Bo Mcmillin -- (Detroit Lions)
Bob Nussbaumer -- (Detroit Lions)
Buddy Parker -- (Detroit Lions)
Bob Pelligrini -- (Miami Dolphins)
Buster Ramsey -- (Detroit Lions)
Gene Ronzani -- (Chicago Bears)
Don Shula -- (Detroit Lions)
Tim Temerario -- (Detroit Lions)
Russ Thomas -- (Detroit Lions)
Bobby Walston -- (Miami Dolphins)