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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Ted Marchibroda

St. Louis Rams                            
Indianapolis Colts                        
Chicago Bears                                
Detroit Lions                               
Philadelphia Eagles                               
Buffalo Bills                            
Baltimore Ravens                              

1998 Baltimore Ravens Head Coach
1997 Baltimore Ravens Head Coach
1996 Baltimore Ravens Head Coach
1995 Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
1994 Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
1993 Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
1992 Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
1991 Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator
1990 Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator
1989 Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator
1988 Buffalo Bills Quarterbacks
1987 Buffalo Bills Quarterbacks
1985 Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Coordinator
1984 Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Coordinator
1983 Detroit Lions
1982 Detroit Lions
1981 Chicago Bears
1979 Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
1978 Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
1977 Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
1976 Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
1975 Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
1970 St. Louis Rams
1969 St. Louis Rams
1968 St. Louis Rams
1967 St. Louis Rams
1966 St. Louis Rams
Coached With:
George Allen -- (St. Louis Rams)
Neill Armstrong -- (Chicago Bears)
Tom Batta -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Maxie Baughan -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Maxie Baughan -- (Detroit Lions)
Maxie Baughan -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ed Beard -- (Detroit Lions)
Dick Bielski -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Greg Blache -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ron Blackledge -- (Indianapolis Colts)
George Boutselis -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Tommy Brasher -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Tom Bresnahan -- (Buffalo Bills)
Fred Bruney -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Fred Bruney -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
John Brunner -- (Detroit Lions)
Jacob Burney -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Marion Campbell -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Marion Campbell -- (St. Louis Rams)
George Catavolos -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Tom Catlin -- (St. Louis Rams)
Monte Clark -- (Detroit Lions)
Chuck Clausen -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Walt Corey -- (Buffalo Bills)
Ted Cottrell -- (Buffalo Bills)
Tom Coughlin -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Glenn Deadmond -- (Buffalo Bills)
Bruce DeHaven -- (Buffalo Bills)
Chuck Dickerson -- (Buffalo Bills)
Don Doll -- (Detroit Lions)
Jim Dooley -- (Chicago Bears)
Whitey Dovell -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Boyd Dowler -- (St. Louis Rams)
Lester Erb -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Kirk Ferentz -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Frank Gansz -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Alex Gibbs -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Sid Gillman -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Dale Haupt -- (Chicago Bears)
Ralph Hawkins -- (Indianapolis Colts)
George Hill -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Pat Hill -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Fred Hoaglin -- (Detroit Lions)
Gene Huey -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ken Iman -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Lindy Infante -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Milt Jackson -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Jim Johnson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bill Johnson -- (Detroit Lions)
Rusty Jones -- (Buffalo Bills)
Ed Khayat -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Eddie Khayat -- (Detroit Lions)
Hank Kuhlmann -- (Chicago Bears)
Hank Kuhlmann -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jim Larue -- (Chicago Bears)
Frank Lauterbur -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Al Lavan -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Don Lawrence -- (Buffalo Bills)
Chuck Lester -- (Buffalo Bills)
Marv Levy -- (Buffalo Bills)
Marv Levy -- (St. Louis Rams)
Marvin Lewis -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Joe Madden -- (Detroit Lions)
Eric Mangini -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Richard Mann -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Billie Matthews -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Pete Mcculley -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Nick Nicolau -- (Buffalo Bills)
Nick Nicolau -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Scott O'brien -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Scott O'Brien -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Dwain Painter -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jack Patera -- (St. Louis Rams)
Francis Peay -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Mel Phillips -- (Detroit Lions)
Elijah Pitts -- (Buffalo Bills)
Ted Plumb -- (Chicago Bears)
Ray Prochaska -- (St. Louis Rams)
Alvin Reynolds -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jim Ringo -- (Buffalo Bills)
Dick Roach -- (Buffalo Bills)
Jay Robertson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jimmy Robinson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Buddy Ryan -- (Chicago Bears)
Howard Schnellenberger -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jim Schwartz -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Brad Seely -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Larry Seiple -- (Detroit Lions)
John Settle -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Mike Sheppard -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jerry Simmons -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Darrin Simmons -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Jackie Simpson -- (Detroit Lions)
Jerry Smith -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dick Stanfel -- (Chicago Bears)
Don Strock -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Joe Sullivan -- (St. Louis Rams)
John Symank -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Pat Thomas -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Vince Tobin -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ted Tollner -- (Buffalo Bills)
Lavern Torgeson -- (St. Louis Rams)
Rick Venturi -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dick Vermeil -- (St. Louis Rams)
Joe Vitt -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Steve Watterson -- (Philadelphia Eagles)
Ken Whisenhunt -- (Baltimore Ravens)
Tom Zupancic -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ernie Zwahlen -- (Indianapolis Colts)