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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Frank Verducci

University of Maryland                         
Cincinnati Bengals                         
Dallas Cowboys                           
Buffalo Bills                          
Cleveland Browns                          

Coached With:
Paul Alexander -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
John Allaire -- (Buffalo Bills)
Jim Anderson -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Ken Anderson -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Bobby April -- (Buffalo Bills)
Dave Atkins -- (Cleveland Browns)
Joe Avezzano -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Bill Bates -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Don Blackmon -- (Buffalo Bills)
Bob Bratkowski -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Chris Caminiti -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dave Campo -- (Dallas Cowboys)
James Cavanaugh -- (University of Maryland)
Wes Chandler -- (Cleveland Browns)
Wes Chandler -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Rob Chudzinski -- (Cleveland Browns)
Ryan Cidzik -- (Cleveland Browns)
Louie Cioffi -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Jerry Claiborne -- (University of Maryland)
Tom Clements -- (Buffalo Bills)
Bruce Coslet -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Bruce Coslet -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Kevin Coyle -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Romeo Crennel -- (Cleveland Browns)
Ted Daisher -- (Cleveland Browns)
Alan Degennaro -- (Cleveland Browns)
John Devlin -- (University of Maryland)
Mark Duffner -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Jerry Eisaman -- (University of Maryland)
George Foussekis -- (University of Maryland)
Ralph Friedgen -- (University of Maryland)
John Garrett -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Gary Gibbs -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Todd Grantham -- (Cleveland Browns)
Jerry Gray -- (Buffalo Bills)
Thomas Groom -- (University of Maryland)
Galen Hall -- (Dallas Cowboys)
John Hallum -- (University of Maryland)
Mike Haluchak -- (Cleveland Browns)
Steve Hoffman -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Rodney Holman -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Ray Horton -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Jim Jeffcoat -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Rusty Jones -- (Buffalo Bills)
Joe Juraszek -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Joe Krivak -- (University of Maryland)
Tim Krumrie -- (Buffalo Bills)
Tim Krumrie -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Dick Lebeau -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Umberto Leone -- (Cleveland Browns)
Chuck Lester -- (Buffalo Bills)
Anthony Lynn -- (Cleveland Browns)
Jeffery Mann -- (University of Maryland)
Steve Marshall -- (Cleveland Browns)
Jim Mcnally -- (Buffalo Bills)
Richard Mcnutt -- (Cleveland Browns)
Randy Melvin -- (Cleveland Browns)
Mike Miller -- (Buffalo Bills)
John Misciagna -- (University of Maryland)
Steve Mooshagian -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Mike Mularkey -- (Buffalo Bills)
Dennis Murphy -- (University of Maryland)
Tom Myslinski -- (Cleveland Browns)
Andre Patterson -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Clancy Pendergast -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Dick Portee -- (University of Maryland)
Dick Redding -- (University of Maryland)
Al Roberts -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Alfredo Roberts -- (Cleveland Browns)
Brad Roll -- (Buffalo Bills)
Gib Romaine -- (University of Maryland)
Bobby Ross -- (University of Maryland)
Rip Scherer -- (Cleveland Browns)
Greg Seamon -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Farrell Sheridan -- (University of Maryland)
Terry Strock -- (University of Maryland)
Eric Studesville -- (Buffalo Bills)
Mike Sullivan -- (Cleveland Browns)
Steve Szabo -- (Buffalo Bills)
Tyke Tolbert -- (Buffalo Bills)
Bob Trott -- (Cleveland Browns)
Mel Tucker -- (Cleveland Browns)
Cory Undlin -- (Cleveland Browns)
Greg Williams -- (University of Maryland)
Wade Wilson -- (Dallas Cowboys)
Kim Wood -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Sam Wyche -- (Buffalo Bills)
Mike Zimmer -- (Dallas Cowboys)