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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Larry Marmie

Eastern Kentucky University                                 
University of Tulsa                                    
University of Tennessee                                 
Arizona Cardinals                              
St. Louis Rams                                    
Seattle Seahawks                                  

2009 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Asst./Secondary
2008 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Asst./Secondary
2007 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Asst./Secondary
2006 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Asst./Secondary
2005 St. Louis Rams
2004 St. Louis Rams
2003 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator
2002 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator
2001 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator
2000 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Backs
1999 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Backs
1998 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Backs
1997 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Backs
1996 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Backs
1994 University of Tennessee
1993 University of Tennessee
1992 University of Tennessee
1984 University of Tennessee
1983 University of Tennessee
1978 University of Tulsa
1977 University of Tulsa
1976 Eastern Kentucky University
1975 Eastern Kentucky University
1974 Eastern Kentucky University
1973 Eastern Kentucky University
1972 Eastern Kentucky University
Coached With:
Teryl Austin -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Charles Bankins -- (St. Louis Rams)
Chris Beake -- (Seattle Seahawks)
John Benton -- (St. Louis Rams)
David Blackburn -- (University of Tennessee)
Dwaine Board -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mark Bradley -- (University of Tennessee)
Casey Bradley -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Gus Bradley -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Dan Brooks -- (University of Tennessee)
Kippy Brown -- (University of Tennessee)
Jacob Burney -- (University of Tennessee)
Gill Byrd -- (St. Louis Rams)
George Cafego -- (University of Tennessee)
Ryan Capretta -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Bob Casullo -- (Seattle Seahawks)
George Catavolos -- (University of Tennessee)
Ralph Chancey -- (University of Tennessee)
John Chavis -- (University of Tennessee)
Geep Chryst -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Mike Clark -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Chris Clausen -- (St. Louis Rams)
Charlie Coe -- (University of Tennessee)
Nolan Cromwell -- (Seattle Seahawks)
David Cutcliffe -- (University of Tennessee)
Bob Davis -- (University of Tennessee)
Mike Debord -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Bruce DeHaven -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Devlin -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Kasey Dunn -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Henry Ellard -- (St. Louis Rams)
Al Everest -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Steve Fairchild -- (St. Louis Rams)
Frank Falks -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jim Fassel -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Perry Fewell -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jeff Fitzgerald -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Mel Foels -- (University of Tennessee)
Phillip Fulmer -- (University of Tennessee)
Marty Galbraith -- (Arizona Cardinals)
John Garrett -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Keith Gilbertson -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Cary Godette -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Joe Greene -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Ray Hamilton -- (University of Tennessee)
Walt Harris -- (University of Tennessee)
Gil Haskell -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Tom Headlee -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Bill Higdon -- (University of Tennessee)
Pete Hoener -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Mike Holmgren -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Dick Jamieson -- (Arizona Cardinals)
John Jamison -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Tim Keane -- (University of Tennessee)
Jerry Kirk -- (University of Tennessee)
Greg Knapp -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Bill Kollar -- (St. Louis Rams)
Darren Krein -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Hank Kuhlmann -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Stan Kwan -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Bill Laveroni -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Don Lawrence -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Bill Lazor -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Dana Leduc -- (St. Louis Rams)
Tim Lewis -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Bob Ligashesky -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jim Lind -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Bob Maddox -- (University of Tennessee)
Johnny Majors -- (University of Tennessee)
Steve Marshall -- (University of Tennessee)
John Marshall -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Martz -- (St. Louis Rams)
Doug Mathews -- (University of Tennessee)
John Matsko -- (St. Louis Rams)
Carl Mauck -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Dave McGinnis -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Ron Milus -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Stump Mitchell -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Wilbert Montgomery -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jim L. Mora -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Rich Olson -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Steve Pederson -- (University of Tennessee)
Mike Phair -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Glenn Pires -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Robert Prince -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Dan Quinn -- (Seattle Seahawks)
John Ramsdell -- (St. Louis Rams)
Kevin Ramsey -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Vic Rapp -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Gary Reynolds -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Ray Rhodes -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Bob Rogucki -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Johnny Roland -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Zerick Rollins -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Randy Sanders -- (University of Tennessee)
Kurt Schottenheimer -- (St. Louis Rams)
Bill Shaw -- (University of Tennessee)
Matt Sheldon -- (St. Louis Rams)
Jim Skipper -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Lovie Smith -- (University of Tennessee)
Mike Solari -- (Seattle Seahawks)
Mike Stock -- (St. Louis Rams)
Martin Streight -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Jerry Sullivan -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Mike Sweatman -- (University of Tennessee)
Vince Tobin -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Tyke Tolbert -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Marc Trestman -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Mark Trestman -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Joe Vitt -- (St. Louis Rams)
George Warhop -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Robert Woodruff -- (University of Tennessee)
Gary Wyant -- (University of Tennessee)
Ron Zook -- (University of Tennessee)
Jim Zorn -- (Seattle Seahawks)