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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Blanton Collier

Cleveland Browns            
University of Kentucky                       

1976 Cleveland Browns
1975 Cleveland Browns
1970 Cleveland Browns Head Coach
1969 Cleveland Browns Head Coach
1968 Cleveland Browns Head Coach
1967 Cleveland Browns Head Coach
1966 Cleveland Browns Head Coach
1965 Cleveland Browns Head Coach
1964 Cleveland Browns Head Coach
1963 Cleveland Browns Head Coach
1962 Cleveland Browns
1961 University of Kentucky Head Coach
1960 University of Kentucky Head Coach
1959 University of Kentucky Head Coach
1958 University of Kentucky Head Coach
1957 University of Kentucky Head Coach
1956 University of Kentucky Head Coach
1955 University of Kentucky Head Coach
1954 University of Kentucky Head Coach
1953 Cleveland Browns
1952 Cleveland Browns
1951 Cleveland Browns
1950 Cleveland Browns
1949 Cleveland Browns
1948 Cleveland Browns
1947 Cleveland Browns
1946 Cleveland Browns
Coached With:
Ermal Allen -- (University of Kentucky)
Bill Arnsparger -- (University of Kentucky)
Raymond Berry -- (Cleveland Browns)
Paul Bixler -- (Cleveland Browns)
George Boone -- (University of Kentucky)
Charlie Bradshaw -- (University of Kentucky)
John Brickels -- (Cleveland Browns)
Howard Brinker -- (Cleveland Browns)
Paul Brown -- (Cleveland Browns)
William (Red) Conkright -- (Cleveland Browns)
Walt Corey -- (Cleveland Browns)
Bob Cummings -- (University of Kentucky)
Norm Deeb -- (University of Kentucky)
Bill Edwards -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dick Evans -- (Cleveland Browns)
Weeb Ewbank -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dominic Fucci -- (University of Kentucky)
Dick Gallagher -- (Cleveland Browns)
Doug Gerhart -- (Cleveland Browns)
Ernie Green -- (Cleveland Browns)
Forrest Gregg -- (Cleveland Browns)
Lou Groza -- (Cleveland Browns)
Fritz Heisler -- (Cleveland Browns)
Rod Humenuik -- (Cleveland Browns)
William (Dub) Jones -- (Cleveland Browns)
Howard Keys -- (Cleveland Browns)
Billy Kinard -- (Cleveland Browns)
Chuck Knox -- (University of Kentucky)
Matt Lair -- (University of Kentucky)
Richie Mccabe -- (Cleveland Browns)
Creighton Miller -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dick Modzelewski -- (Cleveland Browns)
Bill Moseley -- (University of Kentucky)
John North -- (University of Kentucky)
Bob Nussbaumer -- (Cleveland Browns)
Ed Rutledge -- (University of Kentucky)
Howard Schnellenberger -- (University of Kentucky)
George Sefcik -- (Cleveland Browns)
George Sengel -- (University of Kentucky)
J.R. Shannon -- (University of Kentucky)
Don Shula -- (University of Kentucky)
Nick Skorich -- (Cleveland Browns)
Charles Snyder -- (University of Kentucky)
Al Tabor -- (Cleveland Browns)
Timmy Temerario -- (Cleveland Browns)
Ed Ulinski -- (Cleveland Browns)
Clarence Underwood -- (University of Kentucky)
Bob Voigts -- (Cleveland Browns)