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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: George Sefcik

University of Kentucky                             
Indianapolis Colts                                
Cleveland Browns                            
Cincinnati Bengals                           
Green Bay Packers                             
Kansas City Chiefs                                
New York Giants                           
Atlanta Falcons                            

2001 Atlanta Falcons
2000 Atlanta Falcons
1999 Atlanta Falcons
1998 Atlanta Falcons
1997 Atlanta Falcons
1996 New York Giants
1995 New York Giants
1994 New York Giants
1993 New York Giants
1992 New York Giants
1991 New York Giants
1990 Cleveland Browns
1989 Cleveland Browns
1988 Kansas City Chiefs Off. Coordinator
1987 Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks
1986 Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks
1985 Green Bay Packers Offensive Backs
1984 Green Bay Packers Offensive Backs
1983 Cincinnati Bengals
1982 Cincinnati Bengals
1981 Cincinnati Bengals
1980 Cincinnati Bengals
1979 Cincinnati Bengals
1978 Cincinnati Bengals
1977 Cleveland Browns
1976 Cleveland Browns
1975 Cleveland Browns
1973 Indianapolis Colts
1972 University of Kentucky
1971 University of Kentucky
1970 University of Kentucky
1969 University of Kentucky
Coached With:
Dave Adolph -- (University of Kentucky)
Marvin Bass -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ed Beckman -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Raymond Berry -- (Cleveland Browns)
Tom Bettis -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Don Blackmon -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Don Blackmon -- (New York Giants)
Zeke Bratkowski -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dave Brazil -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Dave Brazil -- (New York Giants)
Howard Brinker -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Rich Brooks -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Greg Brown -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Fred Bruney -- (New York Giants)
Hank Bullough -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Jack Burns -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ron Cain -- (University of Kentucky)
Ray Callahan -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Whitey Campbell -- (University of Kentucky)
Lew Carpenter -- (Green Bay Packers)
Bud Carson -- (Cleveland Browns)
Rocky Colburn -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Blanton Collier -- (Cleveland Browns)
Walt Corey -- (Cleveland Browns)
Bruce Coslet -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Tom Coughlin -- (Green Bay Packers)
Romeo Crennel -- (New York Giants)
James Daniel -- (Atlanta Falcons)
James Daniel -- (New York Giants)
Billy Davis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Steve Deberg -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Steve Deberg -- (New York Giants)
Joe Decamillis -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Joe Decamillis -- (New York Giants)
Boyd Dowler -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Ron Erhardt -- (New York Giants)
Jim Fassel -- (New York Giants)
Mike Faulkiner -- (Cleveland Browns)
Denny Fitzgerald -- (University of Kentucky)
Bobby Franklin -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Frank Gansz -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Frank Gansz -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Doug Gerhart -- (Cleveland Browns)
Alex Gibbs -- (University of Kentucky)
Kerry Goode -- (New York Giants)
Forrest Gregg -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Forrest Gregg -- (Cleveland Browns)
Forrest Gregg -- (Green Bay Packers)
Al Groh -- (New York Giants)
Joe Haering -- (University of Kentucky)
Frank Ham -- (University of Kentucky)
Ray Handley -- (New York Giants)
J. D. Helm -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
George Henshaw -- (New York Giants)
C.T. Hewgley -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
John Hilton -- (Green Bay Packers)
Fred Hoaglin -- (New York Giants)
Jed Hughes -- (Cleveland Browns)
Rod Humenuik -- (Cleveland Browns)
Hal Hunter -- (Cleveland Browns)
Hal Hunter -- (University of Kentucky)
Carroll Huntress -- (University of Kentucky)
Lindy Infante -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Dick Jauron -- (Green Bay Packers)
Bill Johnson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Bill Johnson -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Stan Jones -- (Cleveland Browns)
Tim Jorgensen -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Thom Kaumeyer -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Billy Kinard -- (Cleveland Browns)
Virgil Knight -- (Green Bay Packers)
Bill Kollar -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Paul Lanham -- (Cleveland Browns)
Don Lawrence -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Dick Lebeau -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Earl Leggett -- (New York Giants)
Dale Lindsey -- (Green Bay Packers)
Pete Mangurian -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Pete Mangurian -- (New York Giants)
Richard Mann -- (Cleveland Browns)
Billie Matthews -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Carl Mauck -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Richie Mccabe -- (Cleveland Browns)
Mike Mccormack -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Pete Mcculley -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jim Mcnally -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Ron Meeks -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Al Miller -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Al Miller -- (New York Giants)
Dick Modzelewski -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Dick Modzelewski -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dick Modzelewski -- (Green Bay Packers)
Paul Moran -- (University of Kentucky)
Mike Nolan -- (New York Giants)
Johnny Parker -- (New York Giants)
Herb Paterra -- (Green Bay Packers)
Willie Peete -- (Green Bay Packers)
Michael Pope -- (New York Giants)
Joe Popp -- (Cleveland Browns)
Chuck Priefer -- (Green Bay Packers)
Dan Radakovich -- (Cleveland Browns)
John Ray -- (University of Kentucky)
Dan Reeves -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Dan Reeves -- (New York Giants)
Dick Rehbein -- (New York Giants)
Jerry Rhome -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Homer Rice -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Harold Richardson -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Ken Riley -- (Green Bay Packers)
Rod Rust -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Rod Rust -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Rod Rust -- (New York Giants)
Bob Schnelker -- (Green Bay Packers)
Howard Schnellenberger -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dan Sekanovich -- (University of Kentucky)
Art Shell -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Jim Shofner -- (Cleveland Browns)
Rennie Simmons -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Nick Skorich -- (Cleveland Browns)
Gary Stevens -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Chuck Studley -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Mike Sweatman -- (New York Giants)
Al Tabor -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dick Tate -- (University of Kentucky)
Lionel Taylor -- (Cleveland Browns)
John Teerlinck -- (Cleveland Browns)
Marc Trestman -- (Cleveland Browns)
Mark Trestman -- (Cleveland Browns)
Bobby Trott -- (New York Giants)
Jim Vechiarella -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dick Voris -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jerry Wampfler -- (Green Bay Packers)
Charlie Weis -- (New York Giants)
Ed West -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Charley Winner -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Kim Wood -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Richard Wood -- (Kansas City Chiefs)
Gary Wroblewski -- (Cleveland Browns)
Brian Xanders -- (Atlanta Falcons)
Zaven Yaralian -- (New York Giants)
George Young -- (Indianapolis Colts)