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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: George Catavolos

Purdue University                                      
Middle Tennessee State University                                             
University of Louisville                                             
University of Kentucky                                         
University of Tennessee                                            
Indianapolis Colts                               
Carolina Panthers                                           
Washington Redskins                                            
Detroit Lions                                            
Buffalo Bills                                       

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1971 Purdue University
1970 University of Louisville
1969 Middle Tennessee State University
1968 Purdue University
1967 Purdue University
Coached With:
Dave Ahrens -- (Indianapolis Colts)
John Allaire -- (Buffalo Bills)
Bobby April -- (Buffalo Bills)
Jason Arapoff -- (Detroit Lions)
Bruce Arians -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Charlie Bailey -- (University of Kentucky)
Tom Batta -- (Indianapolis Colts)
John Becker -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bob Bicknell -- (Buffalo Bills)
Greg Blache -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Malcolm Blacken -- (Detroit Lions)
Ron Blackledge -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Zeke Bratkowski -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Don Breaux -- (Carolina Panthers)
Greg Briner -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Larry Brooks -- (Detroit Lions)
Kippy Brown -- (University of Tennessee)
Ray Brown -- (Buffalo Bills)
Fred Bruney -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Leon Burtnett -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Blair Bush -- (Carolina Panthers)
George Cafego -- (University of Tennessee)
Mike Cassity -- (University of Kentucky)
Ralph Chancey -- (University of Tennessee)
Eric Ciano -- (Buffalo Bills)
Don Clemons -- (Detroit Lions)
Charlie Coiner -- (Buffalo Bills)
George Cortez -- (Buffalo Bills)
Don Coughlin -- (University of Kentucky)
Sylvester Croom -- (Indianapolis Colts)
DeMontie Cross -- (Buffalo Bills)
Bobby Crumpler -- (Washington Redskins)
Gunther Cunningham -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Fran Curci -- (University of Kentucky)
David Cutcliffe -- (University of Tennessee)
Joe D'alessandris -- (Buffalo Bills)
Bob Davis -- (University of Tennessee)
Billy Davis -- (Carolina Panthers)
Daryl Daye -- (Buffalo Bills)
Andrew Dees -- (Buffalo Bills)
Bruce DeHaven -- (Buffalo Bills)
Rod Dowhower -- (Indianapolis Colts)
George Edwards -- (Buffalo Bills)
George Edwards -- (Washington Redskins)
Steve Fairchild -- (Buffalo Bills)
Vic Fangio -- (Carolina Panthers)
Vic Fangio -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Perry Fewell -- (Buffalo Bills)
Phillip Fulmer -- (University of Tennessee)
Steve Furness -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Chan Gailey -- (Buffalo Bills)
John Gamble -- (Buffalo Bills)
Adam Gase -- (Detroit Lions)
Alex Gibbs -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ted Gill -- (Carolina Panthers)
Bill Glaser -- (University of Kentucky)
Cary Godette -- (Carolina Panthers)
Todd Grantham -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Fred Graves -- (Detroit Lions)
Paul Guenther -- (Washington Redskins)
Nathaniel Hackett -- (Buffalo Bills)
Walt Harris -- (University of Tennessee)
Chick Harris -- (Carolina Panthers)
Bob Harrison -- (University of Tennessee)
John Hastings -- (Washington Redskins)
Sean Hayes -- (Buffalo Bills)
Bill Higdon -- (University of Tennessee)
Kevin Higgins -- (Detroit Lions)
George Hill -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Stan Hixon -- (Buffalo Bills)
Johnny Holland -- (Detroit Lions)
Richard Howell -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Gene Huey -- (Indianapolis Colts)
John Hufnagel -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Hal Hunter -- (Indianapolis Colts)
William Inge -- (Buffalo Bills)
Bobby Jackson -- (University of Tennessee)
Hue Jackson -- (Washington Redskins)
Milt Jackson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dick Jauron -- (Buffalo Bills)
Dick Jauron -- (Detroit Lions)
Shawn Jefferson -- (Detroit Lions)
Jim Johnson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bobby Johnson -- (Buffalo Bills)
John Julies -- (University of Tennessee)
Larry Kennan -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jerry Kirk -- (University of Tennessee)
Larry Kirksey -- (University of Kentucky)
Bill Kollar -- (Buffalo Bills)
Sean Kugler -- (Buffalo Bills)
Sean Kugler -- (Detroit Lions)
Hank Kuhlmann -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Frank Kush -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Stan Kwan -- (Buffalo Bills)
Stan Kwan -- (Detroit Lions)
Kevin Lartigue -- (Detroit Lions)
David Lee -- (Buffalo Bills)
Chuck Lester -- (Buffalo Bills)
Sherman Lewis -- (Detroit Lions)
Tom Lovat -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Johnny Majors -- (University of Tennessee)
Richard Mann -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ted Marchibroda -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Tony Marciano -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Steve Mariucci -- (Detroit Lions)
Larry Marmie -- (University of Tennessee)
John Marshall -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Doug Mathews -- (University of Tennessee)
Billie Matthews -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Charlie Mccullers -- (University of Kentucky)
Jim Mcnally -- (Buffalo Bills)
Jim Mcnally -- (Carolina Panthers)
Pete Metzelaars -- (Buffalo Bills)
Ron Meyer -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jon Mirilovich -- (University of Kentucky)
Billy Mitchell -- (University of Kentucky)
Curtis Modkins -- (Buffalo Bills)
Tom Moore -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jim Mora -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Pat Morris -- (Detroit Lions)
Patrick Morris -- (Detroit Lions)
Chip Morton -- (Carolina Panthers)
Chip Morton -- (Washington Redskins)
Perry Moss -- (University of Kentucky)
Howard Mudd -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bill Muir -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Mike Murphy -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Chip Myers -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jim Niblack -- (University of Kentucky)
Nick Nicolau -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jay Norvell -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Kirk Olivadotti -- (Washington Redskins)
Greg Olson -- (Detroit Lions)
John Pagano -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dwain Painter -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Kevin Patullo -- (Buffalo Bills)
Francis Peay -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Alex Van Pelt -- (Buffalo Bills)
Joe Pendry -- (Carolina Panthers)
Chuck Priefer -- (Detroit Lions)
Tom Rathman -- (Detroit Lions)
Jay Robertson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jimmy Robinson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Keith Rowen -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bob Sanders -- (Buffalo Bills)
Al Saunders -- (University of Tennessee)
Dante Scarnecchia -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Turk Schonert -- (Buffalo Bills)
Brad Seely -- (Carolina Panthers)
Brad Seely -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bill Shaw -- (University of Tennessee)
Matt Sheldon -- (Buffalo Bills)
John Shoop -- (Carolina Panthers)
Steve Sidwell -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Giff Smith -- (Buffalo Bills)
Richard Smith -- (Detroit Lions)
Phil Snow -- (Detroit Lions)
Kevin Spencer -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Steve Spurrier -- (Washington Redskins)
Kevin Steele -- (Carolina Panthers)
Kevin Steele -- (University of Tennessee)
Eric Studesville -- (Buffalo Bills)
Andy Sugarman -- (Detroit Lions)
Mike Sweatman -- (University of Tennessee)
Eric Thatcher -- (Buffalo Bills)
Roger Theder -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Pat Thomas -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Rusty Tillman -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Vince Tobin -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Tyke Tolbert -- (Buffalo Bills)
Ted Tollner -- (Detroit Lions)
Jon Torine -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Tom Turchetta -- (University of Kentucky)
Rick Venturi -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dave Wannstedt -- (Buffalo Bills)
Mike Westhoff -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Adrian White -- (Buffalo Bills)
Richard Williamson -- (Carolina Panthers)
Robert Woodruff -- (University of Tennessee)
Larry Zierlein -- (Buffalo Bills)
Tom Zupancic -- (Indianapolis Colts)