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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Lindy Infante

University of Florida                          
Cincinnati Bengals                           
Cleveland Browns                            
Green Bay Packers                          
Indianapolis Colts                           

Coached With:
Dave Adolph -- (Cleveland Browns)
Tom Batta -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Greg Blache -- (Green Bay Packers)
Greg Blache -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Ron Blackledge -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Chuck Bresnahan -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Don Brown -- (University of Florida)
Fred Bruney -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Hank Bullough -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Hank Bullough -- (Green Bay Packers)
Joe Clark -- (Green Bay Packers)
Bruce Coslet -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Bill Cowher -- (Cleveland Browns)
Charles Davis -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Charlie Davis -- (Cleveland Browns)
Charlie Davis -- (Green Bay Packers)
Don Deal -- (University of Florida)
Doug Dickey -- (University of Florida)
Jimmy Dunn -- (University of Florida)
Eugene Ellenson -- (University of Florida)
Bill Fulcher -- (University of Florida)
Dave Fuller -- (University of Florida)
Frank Gansz -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Wayne Geis -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Wayne "Buddy" Geis -- (Green Bay Packers)
Peter Giunta -- (Cleveland Browns)
Ray Graves -- (University of Florida)
Forrest Gregg -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Jack Hall -- (University of Florida)
Ken Hatfield -- (University of Florida)
Jimmy Haynes -- (University of Florida)
Gene Huey -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dick Jauron -- (Green Bay Packers)
Jim Johnson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jack Jones -- (University of Florida)
Edward Kensler -- (University of Florida)
Virgil Knight -- (Green Bay Packers)
Doug Knotts -- (University of Florida)
Hank Kuhlmann -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Dick Lebeau -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Richard Mann -- (Cleveland Browns)
Ted Marchibroda -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Bubba Mcgowan -- (University of Florida)
George Mckinney -- (University of Florida)
Jim Mcnally -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Dick Modzelewski -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Dick Moseley -- (Green Bay Packers)
Howard Mudd -- (Cleveland Browns)
Tom Olivadotti -- (Cleveland Browns)
Fred Pancoast -- (University of Florida)
Willie Peete -- (Green Bay Packers)
Joe Pendry -- (Cleveland Browns)
Tom Pratt -- (Cleveland Browns)
Dave Redding -- (Cleveland Browns)
Russ Riederer -- (Green Bay Packers)
Jay Robertson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jimmy Robinson -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Kurt Schottenheimer -- (Cleveland Browns)
Marty Schottenheimer -- (Cleveland Browns)
George Sefcik -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Charles 'Rabbit' Smith -- (University of Florida)
Pat Thomas -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Jack Thompson -- (University of Florida)
Howard Tippett -- (Green Bay Packers)
Vince Tobin -- (Indianapolis Colts)
Darvin Wallis -- (Cleveland Browns)
Jack Westbrook -- (University of Florida)
Kim Wood -- (Cincinnati Bengals)
Tom Zupancic -- (Indianapolis Colts)