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Coach Trees was founded in 2009 with the intent of using software to document the relationships between coaches.
We are continually adding more visualizations of the data to provide a more rich experience for the end user.

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Current selected coach: Don Brown

University of Florida                               
Arizona Cardinals                                          
University of Maryland                                               

2009 University of Maryland Defensive Coordinator
1984 Arizona Cardinals Flexibility And Strength
1983 Arizona Cardinals Flexibility And Strength
1982 Arizona Cardinals Flexibility And Strength
1981 Arizona Cardinals Flexibility And Strength
1980 Arizona Cardinals Flexibility And Strength
1979 Arizona Cardinals Flexibility And Strength
1978 University of Florida
1977 University of Florida
1976 University of Florida
1975 University of Florida
1974 University of Florida
1973 University of Florida
1972 University of Florida
1971 University of Florida
1970 University of Florida
1969 University of Florida
1968 University of Florida
1967 University of Florida
1966 University of Florida
1965 University of Florida
1964 University of Florida
1963 University of Florida
1962 University of Florida
Coached With:
Bill Atkins -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Chuck Banker -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Charles Bankins -- (University of Maryland)
Tom Bettis -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Tom Brattan -- (University of Maryland)
Don Breaux -- (University of Florida)
Bill Carr -- (University of Florida)
Don Deal -- (University of Florida)
Doug Dickey -- (University of Florida)
John Donaldson -- (University of Florida)
John Donovan -- (University of Maryland)
Rod Dowhower -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Jimmy Dunn -- (University of Florida)
Sterling Dupree -- (University of Florida)
John Eibner -- (University of Florida)
Eugene Ellenson -- (University of Florida)
Rudy Feldman -- (Arizona Cardinals)
James Franklin -- (University of Maryland)
Ralph Friedgen -- (University of Maryland)
Bill Fulcher -- (University of Florida)
Dave Fuller -- (University of Florida)
Charles Fulton -- (University of Florida)
Harry Gilmer -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Fred Glick -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Ray Graves -- (University of Florida)
Jack Green -- (University of Florida)
Jack Hall -- (University of Florida)
Jim Hanifan -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Ken Hatfield -- (University of Florida)
Jimmy Haynes -- (University of Florida)
Kim Helton -- (University of Florida)
Lee Hull -- (University of Maryland)
Lindy Infante -- (University of Florida)
Dick Jamieson -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Jack Jones -- (University of Florida)
Edward Kensler -- (University of Florida)
Billy Kinard -- (University of Florida)
Doug Knotts -- (University of Florida)
Kevin Lempa -- (University of Maryland)
Tom Lovat -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Charlie Lyle -- (University of Florida)
Bubba Mcgowan -- (University of Florida)
Lee Mcgriff -- (University of Florida)
George Mckinney -- (University of Florida)
Leon Mclaughlin -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Ottis Mooney -- (University of Florida)
Jim Niblack -- (University of Florida)
Fred Pancoast -- (University of Florida)
Jim Parker -- (University of Florida)
Floyd Peters -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Duane Putnam -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Lambert Reed -- (University of Florida)
Pepper Rodgers -- (University of Florida)
Al Seamonson -- (University of Maryland)
Charles 'Rabbit' Smith -- (University of Florida)
Dave Sollazzo -- (University of Maryland)
Steve Spurrier -- (University of Florida)
Jim Sweeney -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Randy Talbot -- (University of Florida)
Emmitt Thomas -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Jack Thompson -- (University of Florida)
Jerry Thompson -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Allen Trammell -- (University of Florida)
Larry Travis -- (University of Florida)
Jim Webster -- (University of Florida)
Jack Westbrook -- (University of Florida)
Bud Wilkinson -- (Arizona Cardinals)
Larry Wilson -- (Arizona Cardinals)